If you’re looking for premium quality automatic, fast action, rapid roll or high speed doors and security grilles in the Sheffield area we have everything you need at Attenborough Industrial Doors. Our dedicated team supply and install automatic doors that offer your premises complete convenience and efficiency so clients, customers and staff have ease off access both in and out of your site and all of our doors are made to stringent standards of quality so for your security, insulation and peace of mind. We supply fast action, high speed and all other doors to Sheffield and across the UK and we have a nationwide reputation for high quality and excellent service so whatever door, rapid roll or security grill you’re looking for, we’re here to help.

Fast Action And High Speed Doors

We fit automatic, fast action and high speed doors to premises all over the country. These hyper efficient doors are an increasingly popular choice for industrial sites because they simplify the process of loading and are incredibly user friendly. Fast action and high speed doors protect commercial premises’ from pests and keep it weather tight and are known to cut down your heating bills as there’s no need to keep entry ways open longer than you need to. They are perfect for a multitude of environments including factories, production zones and more and our models are available in multiple colours and are made to your specifications.

Rapid Roll Doors And Security Grilles

At Attenborough Doors we make security our number one priority which is why we also install rapid roll doors and security shutters. Our security products are built using the toughest materials to protect your property from crime and are perfect for a wide range of industries including retail, hospitality and more so for extra business protection call us today.