At Attenborough we can design, manufacture, install and maintain a selection of fire rated industrial doors, which is also assessed and certified by LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board). This is essential should fire occur to stop flames spreading through your premises, which can cause significant damage and financial loss. It goes without saying that one of our fire doors, which can resist heat for up to four hours, are the best way forward.

Fire DoorsOur unique range of Face Fixed Fire Resisting Roller Shutters have been successfully tested to the four hours resistance standard at the Warrington Research Centre, in accordance with BS 476: Part 22: 1987 (Method B). They offer:

  • A Shutter Curtain constructed from 75mm deep scrolled and interlocking galvanised steel laths with cast-iron end-locks fitted to each alternate lath.
  • Channel Guides fabricated from rolled steel sections incorporating a mild steel support angle with fusible washers provided for all expansions slots.
  • A Roller Barrel fabricated from mild steel tube in varying sizes and thickness to suit the area of the door. The barrel is suspended between steel end plates fitted with shaft supports.
  • The barrel mechanism is enclosed by a galvanised steel hood with support brackets as required. There is also a smoke trap angle fitted at the opening height between the shutter and the lintel.

Manual and Automated Operation

Our fire doors can be manually operated via a controlled descent gearbox, or electrically operated through a single or three-phase controlled descent system. Emergency manual override is provided to allow operation of the door in the event of power failure.

Fire DoorsA control panel can be supplied which interfaces directly with an on-site fire alarm system and can also be linked to a building management network. It will also detect mains failure and low battery power.

Our fire resistant doors are used by schools, hospitals, canteens, receptions and more. To secure your business against fire, consider our fire resistant doors. They are the most cost-effective way of minimising the risk of inconvenience and cost should the worst case scenario become a reality.

To avoid this risk please contact us by using our online enquiry form or don’t hesitate to give our friendly, professional team a call on 0115 930 0815.