With many types of doors on offer such as roller shutters and fast action doors, we offer another type of industrial door; highspeed doors, which offer an efficient solution when you are looking to reduce energy and heat loss in your building.

High Speed DoorsWith an opening speed of 1000mm per second, a high speed door from Attenborough offers an excellent way to secure your industrial and commercial premises from vermin, birds, insects, as well as keeping adverse weather conditions at bay. They are also widely regarded to significantly cut heating costs, to the extent that outlay for the doors will be recouped within three to five years.

These industrial doors are typically used in heavy factory and plant production zones, as well as garages, loading bays and despatch areas. But perhaps the most specialist requirement that high speed doors are perfect for is in securing cold stores and food preparation areas. This is simply because of the sheer high speed on offer, which minimises the risk of contamination. Our doors fully comply with EEC health and hygiene requirements.

At Attenborough our selection of high speed doors is available in an array of colours and designs, and they can be fitted with a variety of window panel configurations or full width vision strips. To ensure the maximum safety for all parties, completely clear curtains are available with a safety bottom edge as standard. This enhances visibility and clarity – minimising the risk of accidents. Our high-speed and fast action doors can even be fitted with warning messages, company logos etc.

High Speed Roller Shutters

Designed for both internal and external use, our fast high speed industrial doors incorporate a pull switch system, which is particularly useful for forklift truck traffic as the driver does not even have to dismount their vehicle, which of course minimises downtime.

Rapid roll doorsThe deployment of induction loops beneath floor level will detect metal objects within their field, i.e. a forklift truck. Our fast action doors detect moving and stationary objects, ensuring the door opens and closes at the appropriate times. This is why fast action doors are so highly regarded, as they facilitate rapid movement of wheeled traffic in and out of a site.

For an informal discussion on any of our industrial door solutions, please feel free to contact a member of our professional and friendly team on 0115 930 0815 to see what we can do for our clients nationwide. If you are looking for a fast action door, or a quality roller shutter door, look no further than Attenborough Doors.

High Speed Doors