How Does CE Marking Affect My Business?

On the 1st July 2013, new law came into force changing CE marking from a voluntary standard to legislation that legally must be abided by. The CE mark is a sign that a product meets EU legislation and standards of both quality and safety, and has been a recognisable standard to consumers that the product they’re purchasing is of a minimum standard of all-round quality since its introduction 20 years ago.

But how does this change affect businesses, and those looking to buy products to help the efficiency and security of their site? This latest post looks at the effect the CE marking law change will have on industrial products, in particular all varieties of industrial doors.

How Does CE Marking Help My Business?
Before this legislation making CE marking mandatory came into force, there was no obligation on the part of any product manufacturer or supplier to meet the EU quality standards laid down by the CE marking procedure. This meant that there were no restrictions on the quality of products that were sold, even key industrial products like high-speed doors and roller shutters – creating a particular risk for industries where safety is absolutely paramount.

What these new legislation does is, as of the 1st July 2013, ensure that all products such as industrial doors meet a minimum standard for quality, safety and product testing – giving you the peace of mind that when you buy industrial doors for your business, you can be sure that there is a recognised standard of quality in their production.

What Do I Have To Look Out For When Buying Industrial Doors?
In theory you should not have to look out for anything – the point of the legislation means that all industrial doors are required to carry the CE marking, to ensure a standard of quality. The only exception to this obligation is fire resistant doors, though ensuring that any of these products that you are looking to buy do meet standards would be massively beneficial to site safety.

We ensure that all our non-fire products are tested in line with BS EN 13241-1:2003+A1:2011, that there’s a quality control system to ensure products meet new standards and that, most importantly, all of our products bear the all-important CE mark.

As we’ve always been committed to quality and safety with all our industrial door products here at Attenborough Doors, complying with CE marking regulation is nothing new for us. However, now that it is a legal obligation for all industrial products, it is paramount that you ensure your industrial doors meet these criteria – and you need look no further than our comprehensive range of available doors.

Whether you need roller shutters and high speed doors, or fire doors and security grilles, you can be guaranteed of far more than the minimum standards of quality. For more information on any of our products, just call us today on 0115 930 0815 or get in touch using our website’s online contact form.