How Much Difference Can Industrial Doors Make to Winter Costs

Installing industrial doors may seem like an unnecessary expense, especially if your factory or business is just starting out, but you may find that it is a wise investment after all, and this is why.

Our new high-speed doors open and close promptly, meaning that your workforce is disrupted for a much shorter time compared to the old, slow moving behemoths of the past, as deliveries arrive or are despatched.

The workers may even feel more secure, knowing that the length of time that those immense doors are open, exposing them to the elements and any unsavoury characters that might be in the area, is strictly limited. While this may seem to be something of a specious claim, it is a fact that happy workers are more productive; investing a little in their peace of mind can do wonders for your production rate!

Retention of Heat

Another large advantage of high-speed doors is the simple fact that precious heat will be better retained with the doors opening and closing for shorter periods of time. It may only be a small saving, but over a year or five years you will notice the significant savings more clearly – and it makes a massive difference during the much colder winter periods. At Attenborough Doors we provide insulated doors, which also helps to keep the temperature of the building regulated, saving you even more!

Safety Improvements

Another, coincidental advantage of our great quality insulated doors is that they work to muffle loud industrial noises, working to safeguard the hearing of all of those inside the building, an important consideration for a caring safety-conscious employer. During your busier winter periods, you may find you take an increased number of staff, some of whom may just be temporary – it’s vital that you do all you can to ensure employee safety to those who are less experienced in the field, and know what dangers or hazards to watch for less instinctively.

Boosting Winter Productivity

Many of our doors have automatic controls, meaning that they can be easily opened or closed with one quick press of a button, perfect for rapid turnaround on delivery trucks, whether they are bringing raw materials or leaving laden with freshly-made stock. Regardless of industry, winter is generally a busier time, and requires large amounts of stock and orders to be processed quickly. Health and safety is also a consideration, enabling the whole area to be evacuated rapidly in the event of an emergency such as a fire or chemical spill within the building.

Meeting Legal Requirements In The New Year

It has recently become a legal requirement for industrial doors to carry the CE mark, to indicate compliance with health and safety guidelines. At Attenborough Doors, we have been compliant with this safety standard for several years already, meaning that we are comfortable with the legislation and confident in our ability to provide strong, safe products to all our customers.

At Attenborough Doors Ltd we pride ourselves on supplying the best quality doors for all industrial purposes. If you are interested in a quote or simply want to discuss your options why not visit our website for information or give one of our friendly, well-trained team a call. Let us close the door on that problem for you!