How To Save Energy & Money With Roller Shutter Doors

How You Can Save Energy & Money With Roller Shutter Doors

There are many benefits to be gained from switching to roller shutter doors. Along with the obvious security and efficiency issues, they can also provide lots of economic and environmental benefits. These won’t necessarily result in lots of extra money been thrown your way, more so they can be installed as a means to prevent a number of potentially expensive problems occurring. So much so, they can be seen as an investment, more so than a purchase. Here at Attenborough Doors, we can give you the rundown on the number of ways roller shutter doors can save you money and retain energy.

Roller Shutter Doors are Energy Efficient

First of all, roller shutter doors are quick and simple to operate. Our Vizi Fast & Vizi Fold High-Speed Doors open at a speed of 1 metre per second. There are a number of ways these can reduce costs and save energy.

The first relates to the phrase ‘Time is Money’. If your business deals with frequent deliveries or even traffic from your own workers, you want to make sure it is possible for them to enter and exit your business freely, quickly and efficiently. The last thing you want is your drivers constantly getting in and out of their vehicle because they need to open the gate manually, only to repeat the process to close it again. This will waste valuable minutes of your operation every day, which will obviously accumulate over the year, the more frequently this is happening.

Roller Shutters Provide Security

Second of all these shutters are very secure. If your workers are having to open and close these gates themselves whilst trying to keep up with everyday fast-paced operations, all it takes is human error, for somebody to forget to close the entrance behind them and present an opportunity for a criminal offence, whether it is theft, graffiti or damage. It may seem unfair, however, these things happen on a regular basis, and quite often end up costing the business vast amounts in either repairs or insurance costs. Even if your employees are extra careful and manoeuvre the gates responsibly, then it is still a possibility you can be broken into at night time with less secure doors, which is less likely with roller shutter doors.

Can Improve Worker Morale

As these shutters are efficient and secure, this will make your employees’ working lives easier, as well as making them feel safer. These can both boost employee morale, which has been proven to improve efficiency thus your financial return.

Save Energy Retention

As these doors open and close so quickly, this improves the energy retention of your business. These openings are covering such large spaces, so the longer these are left open, the more heat is going to escape, especially during the colder months. As well as saving you money on heating costs, this is also beneficial for the environment, as you’ll be using less energy to reheat the room once the door has been opened.

Our roller shutting doors are also fully insulated, which means the premises will retain heat better once fully closed. Over time, the money you save on energy retention can surpass the figure paid for the roller shutting doors in the first place.

Prevent Infestation and Contamination With Roller Shutters

As well as keeping in the heat, roller shutters can also help keep out other unwanted vermin, birds and insects. This will reduce the likelihood of the premises picking up any form of infestation. If this were to happen, not only could this disrupt business operations, it could also cost a lot to resolve the infestation.

Our doors are ideal for numerous settings, such as heavy factory and plant production zones, garages, loading bays, and despatch areas. They are also perfect for cold stores and food preparation areas, complying with EEC health and hygiene requirements. As well as vermin infestation, our high-speed roller shutters also greatly reduce the risk of contamination,  which is especially vital for premises where food is prepared. If the food were to be contaminated, it would need to be replaced urgently, which of course negatively affects costs. There would also be the possibility of a customer or employee becoming ill from the contaminated produce, which as well as resulting in operations being disrupted due to hygiene issues, could mean a heavy fine or even closure of the business.


There you have it! There are multiple ways our roller shutter doors can help protect you, your business and your wallet, whether it’s from petty criminals, contamination or simply the cold, wintery elements. Lots of these potential issues may seem unlikely, and a roller shutter may sound like an oversimplified solution, however, it really can be that easy.