In addition to our traditional sectional overhead doors, at Attenborough we offer an insulated version that provides unrivalled levels of thermal performance.

The main benefits of our insulated doors include:

  • Ease of installation.
  • Whole host of colours available to suit your corporate image โ€“ powder coated finishes.
  • Tough and durable design, with panels manufactured from the finest galvanised steel.
  • Smooth operation โ€“ on average an estimated sound reduction of 18db.

All of the above benefits have been utilised by our commercial and industrial clients, where our insulated doors have been used as entrances to production areas and dispatch and goods-in areas.

Energy Efficient Insulated Doors

How do we achieve such energy efficiency then? The bottom rail of our doors is fitted with vulcanised rubber, plus a cushion seal with two flanges. Also included is a brush seal closing gap between the lintel and coil, as well as wrap-around seals to the guides, both of which ensure the absolute minimum of draughts. Temperature control has never been easier.

Our insulated doors comply with the Building Regulations too, which offers a range of standards required to limit heat losses and conserve fuel in a building. And remember, insulated doors mean less energy usage which reduces costs, not to mention significantly cutting your carbon footprint โ€“ an increasingly popular requirement in modern times.

One of our experienced team is just a phone call away. They can offer advice and guidance on the most appropriate industrial doors for your requirements, so why not give us a ring on 0115 930 0815, alternatively you can contact us using our contact form?