Latest News: The Anticipated Launch of the New CE Mark

Staying abreast with the latest industry news, we at Attenborough Doors feel it’s important to announce that from the 1st July 2013 it will be illegal to sell industrial doors (apart from fire resistant doors) which do not have the CE marking. This is a new law which customers and businesses need to be aware of, to learn what it is and how it could affect you – be sure to read on.

What is CE Marking?

Currently CE marking is voluntary, but from the 1st July 2013 this will change. The CE mark is a European marking and it is a clear indication that the product which has this mark successfully complies with the requirements set by EU laws or directive. This specifically relates to the harmonised standards of safety, health, environment and consumer protection. While it raises standards it also facilitates trade throughout Europe.

What Does This Mean For Customers?

After the 1st July 2013 you will need to make sure that any industrial door you source has the CE marking. After this date it will be illegal to purchase an industrial door after this date which does not have the CE mark.

Where Can You Get CE Marked Industrial Doors?

At Attenborough Doors all of our industrial doors have the EU marking on them and we have successfully done the following to ensure our products meet the CE marking criteria;

– We have arranged for all of our non-fire products to be tested in accordance with BS EN 13241-1:2003+A1:2011
– We have implemented a factory production control system which adheres to the new standards
– We have issued a Declaration of Performance for our industrial doors and applied the CE marking

If you require a new industrial door make sure you get in touch with the reliable and trustworthy team here at Attenborough Doors. Not only do we adhere to the latest standards well above schedule, you can trust that all of our products are manufactured and installed to the highest standards. Telephone us today on 0115 930 0815.