Steps to Improve the Security of a Commercial Property

If security is a growing concern, there are steps you can take to improve the security of your commercial property. At Attenborough Industrial Doors Ltd we supply roller shutters across Mansfield and throughout Nottingham, and security has become our area of expertise.

Roller Shutters

When you see commercial and industrial properties, you’ll more than likely see roller shutters when they are closed. This is for easy access and improved security – which showcases just how effective roller shutters are at improving security. Not only do they visually deter criminals, they also act as a physical barrier to prevent entry into the premises. It’s with this in mind, that we recommend any commercial or industrial property to review their current roller shutters and assess whether or not they need replacing for improved security.

If you are unsure, please get in touch with us and we’ll happily offer our expert advice and guidance wherever possible.

CCTV Cameras

Although we do not sell CCTV cameras we do appreciate their effectiveness at deterring would be criminals. Therefore, if you are in a high crime area then this might be a security measures which would prove effective.

Industrial Gates

Limited access prevents any planned attacks and reduced the possibility of someone targeting your property. We supply security gates which are powered by a powerful gear box unit which offers quick access. Our gates therefore provide quick and easy access to authorised personnel but a physical barrier to those who do not.

If you require further information regarding the security measures we can help you implement make sure you get in touch with us today by calling the team at Attenborough Industrial Doors Ltd directly on 016235 953 64.