What Makes Our Fire Doors Fire Resistant

Fire doors are an integral part of a buildings fire safety plan by minimising a fires chance of spreading throughout premises’. Without fire doors fires can spread to areas of a building containing combustible materials as well as engulfing the building and spreading to surrounding properties. As with any health and safety equipment fire doors should be purchased with the hope that they will never be necessary, but in the event that they are it is important to make sure your door is of the highest quality

We ensure quality by undertaking the design, manufacture and installation of all of our fire doors so we can be certain best practise is carried out every step of the way. We pride ourselves on the outstanding performance of our range of doors which have been proven to resist heat for up to 4 hours, as tested by the Warrington Research Centre, ample time for emergency services to arrive on scene.

How Do They Work

To ensure no stone is left unturned our doors come complete with the most innovative fire resistant precautions, including: a 75mm deep scrolled shutter curtain, steel channel guides a mild steel roller barrel which comes in varying sizes depending on the spatial requirements of the door, a barrel mechanism enclosed by a galvanised steel hood and a smoke trap.

Here at Attenborough Doors we supply a wide variety of fire doors to suit any industrial environment, they can be manually or electronically controlled and are ideal for use in premises’ with the most stringent safety standards including schools and hospitals. For more information on our fire doors get in touch today on 01332 561 672 to speak to a member of our team.