What to Consider When Choosing a Sectional Door?

At Attenborough Doors we believe that a sectional door is an essential asset, a practical addition to a property; and it is with this in mind that we have devised the following guide which outlines various features which you need to consider before making a purchase.

Manual or Automatic Operation

You will have the option of choosing between a manual or automatic opening operating system. The manual operation systems usually encompass pull ropes or chain hoists while the electric operation system has a built in opening mechanism which opens and closes the doors without any assistance.


Safety is an important factor for many industrial and commercial premises, which is why at Attenborough Doors our sectional doors are fitted with a spring break device. This is essential for any business who wants to uphold high safety standards in the workplace.

Thermal Performance

At Attenborough Doors our sectional doors come with thermal insulation which dramatically improves the all-round thermal performance of the doors. The thermal insulation actively prevents draughts and therefore reduces energy bills.

Acoustic Control

Alongside the thermal performance of our sectional doors, they also reduce the sound output by 25db. This is an essential feature, especially for industrial premises where noise levels can be quite high.

Colour & Finish

At Attenborough Doors our sectional doors come in a wide choice of colours and finishes, to the point that you can choose to brand your sectional doors.

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