We understand that it is of paramount importance that your warehouse or store runs as efficiently as possible. This is why here at Attenborough Doors Ltd we offer a number of automatic doors throughout Leicester that will allow you to work as well as possible. They will automatically rise and close when it is approached. This makes a driver’s job a little easier when they back up to the warehouse as the doors will automatically rise, allowing for a much quicker unload and load.

Rapid Roll Doors & High Speed Roller Shutter Leicester

The warehouse workers will also see benefits if fast action doors are fitted. For areas that are separated off from the main building, these could be useful if people are often in and out on fork lifts. It will speed up the processes and allow for easier access.

The rapid roll doors are designed to be safe so that you can be sure that all of your health and safety standards are still being adhered to. They are manufactured with safety measures in place and these will always be checked once installation is complete. We know that this is important to companies especially within a warehouse environment where accidents could happen more frequently if precautions were not in place. We are also able to supply security grilles to businesses in Leicester.

Security Grilles Leicester

As well as high speed roller shutters we can also supply commercial and industrial properties with effective and reliable security grilles in Chesterfield that can assist with the protection of your assets.

If you are interested in finding out more about any of the automatic warehouse doors we supply, or are would like to receive a quote on a high speed roller shutter, call us today by filling in our online enquiry form.