Look For The CE Mark When Buying A New Industrial Door

As of July this year the CE mark has become a mandatory indication of quality proving that a product meets EU standards of safety so it is vital that you look out for the symbol when choosing your new industrial doors. Prior to the 1st of July the CE mark was purely voluntary meaning there may still be industrial doors on the market that don’t or can’t be proven to meet EU standards.
Industrial doors are more than a means of access to premises, fire doors, roller shutters, industrial gates, insulated doors and more provide security and safety for both individuals and contents within a property so a simple measure for checking quality couldn’t be more important.

Why The CE Mark Is So Important

CE marking ensures your door is safeguarded from dangerous malfunctions with additional features such as: anti-drop devices, additional springs, accurate wind resistance ratings, brake or balance systems that engage when the movement of the door is interrupted and closing gaps to prevent cutting or crushing.

Ensuring the CE mark is mandatory is a huge step forward in industrial safety standards that we at Attenborough Doors have been complying with for years. The CE mark is a definitive declaration of safety and quality that applies to products produced both in and out of the EU and proves to you that the product you are buying has been assessed and been issued with the EC Declaration of Conformity for your protection and peace of mind.

We’ve always made quality our number one priority so the change to the law doesn’t affect our premium range of products. If you’re looking for a new industrial door look no further than us. For more information on our products get in touch today on 0115 930 0815 or online to speak to a dedicated member of our team.