What Types of Doors Are Available from Attenborough?

At Attenborough Industrial Doors we have established a reputation for supplying high-quality doors to those throughout the industrial and commercial sector. To give you more of an insight into the various types of doors we supply, we have created the following overview.

Roller Shutter Doors

Perfectly suited to loading bays, production zones, industrial units, agricultural buildings and underground parking facilities, roller shutter doors are strong and extremely robust. It is this unique feature which has seen the roller shutter safeguard retail outlets, shopping centres, commercial ventures, leisure centres and lots more.

At Attenborough, we believe that our roller shutter doors offer the best in security.

Electric Roller Shutter Doors

We also have an extensive collection of electric roller shutter doors, which offer the same level of security. However due to the automation system, it is easy-to-use and convenient which is why they are so appealing.

Sectional Doors

We offer a wide selection of sectional doors, which are proven to be long-lasting and energy efficient. Frequently fitted in commercial or industrial properties, the sectional door are manufactured to meet European Standards BS EN132411:2003.

High Speed Doors

Suited to those who want to reduce energy and heat loss while maximising access and productivity, high speed doors are perfect. They are an excellent way to secure your premises, and because we at Attenborough Doors supply them you can rest assured that they are made to last.

Insulated Doors

For businesses who want to raise their thermal performance, insulated doors should defiantly be considered. They are very easy to install, come in a range of colours to complement your company colours and they are manufactured using galvanised steel.

Fire Doors

To prevent flames from spreading throughout your premises it’s vital that you invest in fire doors. At Attenborough Industrial Doors we supply a wide range of fire doors – so be sure to get in touch today!

Steel & Aluminium Doors

We also supply a wide collection of hinged steel doors and aluminium shop fronts which offer an exceptional level of security.

As you can see, we at Attenborough Industrial Doors offer a wide variety of industrial doors which is why we are the number one choice for many industrial and commercial premises. For more details, be sure to get in touch today and telephone 0115 930 0815.